Two framed pictures of the graphic designer Nicola Anderson, holding a leaf in front of her face.


Nicola is a freelance graphic designer and website designer based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. After obtaining many years of experience in the Creative/Print industries working on major brand campaigns Nicola decided to go self-employed to achieve work-life balance she needed as a Mother.


Her freelance graphic design business October Creative was finally established in 2014. Nicola now offers her wealth of knowledge and experience in visual branding to smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, start-up and SMEs without the massive price-tag of a creative agency (that only big brands can afford) or the inconsistency you get from your local printer in regards to the look of your business branding.


October Creative build integrated communications using bespoke design across different media platforms giving a professional consistent look when marketing your business. Nicola offers a full range of creative services including; logo and website design, corporate and event branding, social media content visuals, presentations and brochures and much more.


Quality targeted branding is vital to the professional look and success of your business.

So if your business image is letting you down and needs updating or if it's non-existent then why not email or call your local graphic designer today and get you FREE. creative consultation.