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My Portfolios

Graphic Design Portfolio

Please click to view my graphic design portfolio showcasing the campaigns I have created from concept to delivery.

Printed Media Marketing Portfolio

Here's my portfolio of printed leaflets, flyers and posters I have designed for my client's direct marketing.


Everybody loves a Tote Bag! 
Pens, T-shirts, gifts, and much more. This is my portfolio of my clients giveaways to promote themselves.

Here's an overview of some of the print-ready artwork I have produced for some of the many big brands I have worked on over the years.

Email Marketing Portfolio

Click the arrow to view my portfolio of newsletters ect I have designed via MailChimp or my client's websites and send via email.

Video & Animation

Videos get larger engagement on social media than still images. Here are some examples of moving graphics I have designed.

Digital & Social
Media Portfolio

Click the arrow to view my portfolio of the digital designs I have created for visual content on my client's social media channels.

Event & Exhibition Collateral Portfolio

This portfolio shows the design I have created and mocked up for my client's event so they stand out from the crowd when exhibiting.

Website Design

This portfolio showcases the websites I have designed for my clients to show their businesses, products and/or services off.

Business Documents Portfolio

This portfolio shows the brochures, reports and document templates I have designed for my clients. over the years. Click the arrrow below.

Presentation Slide Decks Portfolio

Here are some of the slide deck presentation designs I created while freelancing for marketing agencies, and my social enterprise clients.

3D Mockups

3D Mockups are a great way to show clients what there event stands and shop fronts will look like before going to print.

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